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The Spectrum

Click this baby to enlarge it...completely fascinating. More Cooling Pie artists to be added soon...
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Recommended/Lucky Numbers: 1,5,6,10,11


This here's gonna be the album/double EP thing that shoots us to stardom for sure. The Craters consist of a dude named Wes and a dude named Jared.  I begged these guys for a while to let me  try to make their recordings sound more "hifi" and "crisp" and other stupid things like that.  I think I missed the point because when they delivered this double EP set, I flipped a shit.  I remember driving around Austin  and bopping my head to the 1-2 punch of "Like You Used To Know" and "Baby".   "Sonic On My Sneaks" is a harsh tranquilizer, "Lear Jets" is extremely unsettling.  I was lucky enough to get to work on the mix for Bellyache and afterwards, it was stuck in my head for days.  The hooks aren't always immediate; this isn't Tal Bachmann™ or anything, but they're definitely there and the payoff is always strong.  They still won't let me give them new drum samples but fuck, these guys are so fucking talented they hardly need em.   Stream it for free here, tell your friends you helped them get to the top, and:

Cooling Pie is proud to be the Japanese/European/African label for the Craters.  On the American internets, they're also represented by Amazing Wow

We're also going to have hard copies of the double EP for sale up here ASAP.  You will know when it happens.  

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Recorded and mixed by Julian Fader
Alex Whyte - Acoustic guitar, trombone, vocals
Julian - Drums, electric guitar
Adrienne Lloyd - Bass
Billy Mintz - Additional treatments on 1, 6

Alex and I recorded this EP at Buck's Rock summer camp in the summer of '06 in a wooden shed. All of the songs were recorded before midnight and 5 AM and I think there's definitely a lot of that vibe on here. Alex is a pro: pretty much all of these are first or second takes. The last track is actually New York-based percussionist Billy Mintz tinkling around on the piano--we went to the shed to record one evening and found Billy "composing" this piece. I quickly set up a mic and recorded it without his knowledge. As far as I'm aware, he still doesn't know he's on the record but I kind of like it that way. Billy, if you see this, the minute we get paid for this album, we'll buy you a beer. Or a car.

Get Billy Mintz (and Alex Whyte) paid:

You can also purchase a copy of the album at http://cdbaby.com/cd/alexwhyte. We'll have a direct link up soon...
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CP002 ::: AVA LUNA - THE CHILD IN THE SKY (originally released in 2003)


To understand The Child In The Sky, all you need to do is check out that tracklist.  Six songs break the six minute mark and there are 18 total tracks, including a remix!  Looks like a Kanye album or something...but it's not.  The Child In The Sky is the solo handiwork work of a young Carlos Hernandez, who's currently dominating Brooklyn's burgeoning "east-of-Williamsburg-hipsterish-semi-legal-we-won't-card-if-you-don't-tell warehouse/basement/loft" in a far different, newer incarnation of Ava Luna.  They rock now but there's a purity to this album that I love.  From what I understand, a 17 year old classical-pianist Carlos decided to record a rock song ("Co-Operation/Suspense") and the rest of the album grew out of these first attempts.  Nobody was ever supposed to hear this music; it's an artist making art for his own sake.  And yet, I think some people will like it.  Some will probably hate it.  If you like Mogwai, Sigur Ros, Procol Harum, or the first King Crimson album, you'll probably like this.  If you like Dan Deacon, Garth Brooks, or Dave Matthews (ever seen these three in a list together), you probably won't.  In fact, if you like Garth Brooks, please get off of this site.  Now.


"the child in the sky is like SO bad" - Carlos Hernandez, 2008. 

If that doesn't tell you enough, then I don't know what will.  Enjoy.  And donate.

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Recommended/Lucky Numbers: 1,5,6,11

Produced by Julian Fader and Spencer Tricker @ Hot Water Studios, Fourth Floor Lounge, & Buck's Rock
Mixed by Julian
Mastered by Dr. Toby "The Doc" Mountain
Spencer and Julian play all instruments except:
Ian Moskowitz - Bass, wooden frog on 10
Ellie Kahn - Violin on 5
Ira Fader - complex and yet subtle guitar solo on 4
Madeleine McMillan & Sasha Winn - Vocals on 11

Oh lordy...here we go.  This release is CP-001, our very first release and it's the debut album by Cooling Pie Records co-founder Spencer "the illFantastic" Tricker.  The album was painstakingly crafted over two years in various dorm rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, basements, and other dens of iniquity.  Upon its initial 2006 release, it sold about 16 copies and as a result, we're streaming it here for free.   If you like what you hear, please follow the following steps:

1. ask for Spencer's number in the comments section.  Really, I'll give it to you.


3. BUY


4. Repeat.

What the Online Illuminati have to say:

"Spencer Tricker has to have one of the most arresting voices I've heard in some time."

"[...] Spencer Tricker divides his time between New York City and Florida, all the while doing his student thing and setting down sincere sounds in bedroom- and basement-style recordings. The pleasant surprise of it is his vocal sound, which even in demos lets a little gut and world-weariness seep through."
-Hello Gina

"Spencer has a great voice and a knack for writing beautiful songs!"
-Hits in the Car

"There's something striking and beautiful in his simplicity: his arrangements, as sparse as they may be at times, accompany his voice beautifully"
-Who Needs Radio?

"More than once I’ve found myself mentally comparing Tricker’s voice to Ray Davies of the Kinks. It’s seductive but unthreatening, and pleases the ear to a perfect degree. There’s nothing synthetic about it; it’s pure, unaltered talent."
-The Whit Online (Rowan University, NJ)