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© 2009 day sleeper. cover image by daniel obzejta.
tracks one, two and four recorded at the WERS live performance studio, august 2009; engineered by jared detsikas, mike mastrangelo, & mike moschetto; mixed/mastered by mike moschetto at WERS production.
track three recorded at the vivacious int’l recording complex & pancake house; recorded/mixed by cas kaplan & justin danforth.
track five recorded at tt the bear’s place, cambridge, ma june 24th, 2009.
all songs by day sleeper.

Well look who's back with a lil EP! It's The Daysleepers, more commonly and correctly known as Day Sleeper. The first time we heard from these guys, we were just putting out their full length Drop Your Sword as CPR006. That album showed promise but the real coming out party happened with Day Sleeper's contribution to CPR's first compilation Crust Never Sleeps. Have I lost you yet? No? Good, because with their newest release Wonderland Kid, Day Sleeper delivers.

The "single" here is Windows Left Open and that's a good thing since it's probably my favorite. You can download it above, the rest of the songs you can only stream (for now). Apparently, the album was mostly recorded at WERS in Boston. I had no idea they had a nice studio there, but damn these songs sound great. I'm also partial to the first track "Wait Stay".

We're up to CPR020 and we couldn't be more proud to have this gem as our twentieth release. We'll get back to you with more news about possibly Day Sleeper shows in New York and elsewhere as soon as we know.

Download Wonderland Kid on iTunes
Email Day Sleeper to get the correct mp3s if you buy it. Apparently the iTunes mp3s are corrupt. Email them!
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<a href="http://the.shop.environmentalaesthetics.com/album/ea007-ava-luna-services-ep">Ava Luna - Clips by Environmental Aesthetics</a>

Well, don't ever fault us for being a little late. This is Ava Luna's newest release and it's probably their most assured yet. They've been getting a lot of good press lately and the Village Voice has taken notice so it's probably just a matter of time before they get too big for our lil operation over here. As it stands, we present you the album. If you'd like to order a screenprinted CD-R copy, please email coolingpierecords@gmail.com and we'll get one to you. Enjoy!