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Release party 5/08/09 at Bowery Poetry Club

Are you psyched?

The Red Party=The Crust Never Sleeps release party.

CNS stalwarts Pocketknife and Ava Luna will be performing, as well as the industrious lads of Asa Ransom. Artists will be arting. Fartists will be farting.

We will be giving out these:

It's gonna be excellent.

Crust Never Sleeps.

Friday, May 8th, Two Thousand and Nine
Bowery Poetry Club
9pm to Close
Doors open at 9

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Marketing Report: A Message to our Shareholders

Above: mouse rocks Tekken, loves Cooling Pie Records' new comp, Crust Never Sleeps, Vol. 1

What it is piesans? As you all know by now, here at CPR we run with the mills.

In fact, I just dropped half a stack on a pair of Adidas not two and a half minutes ago.

Still, even though we're swimming in it (the mills, that is), we thought we'd let you all in on the way we survey our target market.

This morning I was videoconferencing with our PR boys out in Z├╝rich, and I had them fax me over some data on the response we've been getting to our first compilation album, Crust Never Sleeps (which you can rock right here).

Figure 1:

In one survey, respondents were asked to choose one of five different "buzz" words to describe the overall sound of Crust Never Sleeps. The buzz words were "Delicious," "Awesome," "Sexual," "Cryptosexual," and "Gastrosexual."

You see, here at CPR we like to keep it real. We're forthright about our goings-on. Our processes. Let's have a look at another graph.

In this survey, an enormous pod of sperm whales was asked to choose between five different "buzz" words. As you can see, the real-ness trend only continues. Indeed, we are the shit.

All in all, I hope you enjoyed this inside look at our intricate and well-oiled promotional juggernaut.

Lotsa love,


Also, this:

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Cooling Pie Records hits the FOOD NETWORK!

We didn't want to get outdone by DL:

So now:

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Peanut Butter Pie

While you're busy digesting our new compilation, we recommend you watch this video. Goes nice with some pie.

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So, if you're reading this today, you've probably noticed that it's not May 8th yet. Here's the explanation: just like every other highly-anticipated album of our nascent century, Crust Never Sleeps has somehow been leaked to the internet. We're not exactly sure how it happened, or even if we didn't somehow unconsciously leak the thing ourselves, but the fact remains that people are already listening to it. We thought about what happened for about 1 minute and came to the quick conclusion that we're absolutely fine with this and would like to "officially" release the thing here and now. So, without further ado...

Boom selekta:

<a href="http://coolingpierecords.bandcamp.com/album/crust-never-sleeps-vol-1">Bent By Elephants - Wrecker in the Dark by Cooling Pie Records</a>

You can use the player above to listen to all of the songs or download them, just click the little arrow to the right of the song. You'll have more fun if you go to Cooling Pie Records' Bandcamp Page. Bandcamp's a pretty cool way to release a record--you'll be able to download everything for free in the relatively 320kbps MP3 format. Feel free to embed the above player anywhere you like. Additionally, our offer still stands: if you'd like a hard copy, please email us! Aditionally, we'd love to get your thoughts on the compilation, so leave us a comment in this post to tell us what you think.



The Music Slut
Praise For Wallflower

Incubus Messageboard (yes!!)
Mortigi Tempo (does this mean Radiohead approves?)


Regarding the making of this compilation, we'd like to thank all of the participating bands, artists, klingons, prostitutes, evil twins, and Jabba-the-Hut-esque mongoloids that helped this happen. Almost all of the tracks on Crust Never Sleeps are a result of a lot of people putting their minds to the task of creating a song that they otherwise not have. When we were putting the album together, we were all shocked by how cohesive everything was and, without getting too cheesy, I think that's a result of having a lot of talent in one place. Everybody should make sure to check all of these bands out, as we only featured people who are the best at what they do. Phew.

One last time, please goo to the Cooling Pie Records' Bandcamp Page and listen, download, enjoy.

It is free!
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Here we go...after a ton of work, we present you with the tracklisting of Cooling Pie's inaugural compilation album Crust Never Sleeps Vol. 1. Securing all of the bands and songs has been a labor of love and it turned into a truly international affair. We're also very excited for the release party on May 8th @ the Bowery Poetry Club (Details here!)

Anyways, feast yr eyes on the songs:

1. Bent By Elephants - Wrecker In The Dark
2. A Brief Smile - Something Is Going On
3. Little Bear and the Bad Touch - Polytonic Mountain
4. Clayton Scoble (of Francine) - Crooked Gait
5. Orphans and Vandals - Hey Driver
6. Day Sleeper - Untitled
7. Casiorossi - More Psychology
8. kc quilty - Supernova
9. Pocketknife - Buy Back The Boat
10. Ava Luna - (Do Me No Wrong) While I Am Gone
11. Jesse Miller (frmrly of Critter Jones) - Democracity
12. Team Teamwork - Suck It Or Not (Cam'ron + Lil Wayne + Wilco)
13. Jason Boyd (frmrly of Audiovent) - Lemons For Love
14. Several Girls Galore - Good & Beautiful
15. Randy Numens - Koilsnake

This is liable to change slightly in the next few days, but this is pretty much how the compilation will look. Check back here on May 8th to download/stream it for FREE. We also have a limited amount of CD copies of the compilation that are free, please email us if you'd like a free copy.