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Empire State of Mind Makes No Sense

Help me out here people:

Jay-Z's single "Empire State of Mind" featuring Alicia Keys is undeniably a fantastic fucking song. I've been hearing it all over Z100 for the last couple of days and it makes my day, every day, multiple times per day. However, there's one thing that really bugs me about Alicia Keys' part. Justin and Sarah and I walked from 14th st. to Morningside Heights last night and we spent a good portion of that time discussing this.

The chorus lyric is "Concrete jungle where dreams are made of" repeatedly. This doesn't make any grammatical sense. Think about it. We can agree that "concrete jungle" = New York. So plugging New York in instead, we get, "New York where dreams are made of". We can furthermore assume that since she's a Columbia University dropout, she understands the how colons work. So let's say she meant "New York: Where dreams are made of". That is wrong. It should be "where dreams are made." I briefly convinced myself I was hearing "where dreams are made up" but I checked it and that's not what she's saying.

Alicia is definitely wrong here. Someone needs to tell her.