Recorded and mixed by Julian Fader
Alex Whyte - Acoustic guitar, trombone, vocals
Julian - Drums, electric guitar
Adrienne Lloyd - Bass
Billy Mintz - Additional treatments on 1, 6

Alex and I recorded this EP at Buck's Rock summer camp in the summer of '06 in a wooden shed. All of the songs were recorded before midnight and 5 AM and I think there's definitely a lot of that vibe on here. Alex is a pro: pretty much all of these are first or second takes. The last track is actually New York-based percussionist Billy Mintz tinkling around on the piano--we went to the shed to record one evening and found Billy "composing" this piece. I quickly set up a mic and recorded it without his knowledge. As far as I'm aware, he still doesn't know he's on the record but I kind of like it that way. Billy, if you see this, the minute we get paid for this album, we'll buy you a beer. Or a car.

Get Billy Mintz (and Alex Whyte) paid:

You can also purchase a copy of the album at http://cdbaby.com/cd/alexwhyte. We'll have a direct link up soon...