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Anybody is a Star

Found this on Kanye's Blog:

Soulja Boy made $10 million and he's about to show you how he did it.

Is yo brainz shot through the yet?

Mine iz fashiz, B

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Roots of Cyberpunk Volume 1: Powerman 5000 = THE SHIT

Captain Pollution, YES!!!!

randy numens might be the wave of the future, but as far as i'm concerned these dudes are, like, the founding fathers of cyberpunk rock.

when i was 13, Spider One seemed like the ultimate rock star figure. in retrospect, he was basically a cross between his brother, Rob Zombie, and Captain Pollution. also, he wore awesome goggles like Horace Grant. i have nothing but praise for these guys at their late 90s peak.

Idjutt bocks:

Vid links:

"Supernova Goes Pop"

"Nobody's Real"

"When Worlds Collide"

"Drop the Bombshell"

"Creep" (live Radiohead cover)

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My First Entry

Cooling Pie Records welcomes Justin Spees. Justin Spees welcomes Cooling Pie Records. I already gave a shout out to Cooling Pie on my blog. It's right here, and you should probably read it.

Julian stipulates that I be funny, so I will try. Mostly I think I'll just comment on posts that have been put up, or on things that Julian and Spencer do in their spare time that deserve eternal record. Does anybody else even read this? Sarah? Yeah I'll write about her too. And Pitchfork's new layout, which I do agree is sad and stupid, but they've made prominent again their list of the best singles between 2000 and 2004, which I've been looking for for some time. I think number one is "Hey Ya," which means they're very boring people. It's also vaguely insane to make a best of the decade so far. So just fuck Pitchfork. We'll try to get reviews up on Cooling Pie so the transition into making this the first site you check will be smooth.

Enjoy your day.
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dayfrights ravingz

Jesus Christ, Pitchfork just redesigned their main page and it is fuuuuggglyyy. Fuck, how come there's a big ad that eats up the ENTIRE front of the page? It also looks like Opera which looks like balls*. It updates Pitchfork's design to this decade for sure; it reminds me of the new Wal-Mart logo and the new Stop n Shop logo. I dislike the way that everything is trying to look like its designed by Apple now. Everything's white with shades of gray which is a cleaner look but it lacks in character. I actually stopped reading Silent Uproar over a similar qualm so we'll see if Pitchfork survives the great update of 09.

Oh I got a video of kc quilty playing a new song called "Supernova" from the other night. The sound sucks but that's because it's being broadcast DIRECT FROM THE 90s! WOOO!

Watch live video from Goodbye Blue Monday on Justin.tv

Thanks justin.tv!

*Disclaimer: I love Opera a lot, despite its ugliness and many deficiencies. It's like a retarded little brother that I feel bad for and thus keep around.