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<a href="http://coolingpierecords.bandcamp.com/album/dont-forget-to-die-ep">Rainbow Convent by Cooling Pie Records</a>

Are you guys aware of Casiorossi yet? My friends, I present to you one of the three best unknownish bands in the Tri-State Area (the other two being Pocketknife and kc quilty of course). Casiorossi is a power trio in the best rock and roll sense of that word...Alex plays really loud guitars, Carlos plays un-drummerly drums, and Ethan the bassists last name is supposedly Bassford. Is it true? Is it part of the lore? What the fuck is going on here? How are these guys not famous? They're like Times New Viking or Dinosaur Jr, but better. Stream the album below.

The inspiration for the ep was the 4 PIL-like seconds of an hour-long semi-cogent jam we had while recording the comp track.
I was thinking about how to go about the structure of ode to restraint at the moment I got into a bike accident on the brooklyn bridge. This actually made the song much worse I think, as opposed to more "impassioned" or something. This was the first time we used multiple tracks.

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