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Sheeeiiiiit son....we ignored this blog for TOO long considering how much there is to say! Things have been busy and rockin' here @ Cooling Pie HQ.


First of all, we had a terrific release party for Crust Never Sleeps last Friday. As you problably know by now, the night featured CPR stalwarts Pocketknife & Ava Luna, as well as Asa Ransom, who I'm pretty sure are going to blow the fuck up any minute now. Here's a pic from the party:

Pretty cool huh? We gave out a lot of PIE and about one majillion copies of Crust Never Sleeps. Shit was tight. Which reminds me, if you haven't checked it out yet:

<a href="http://coolingpierecords.bandcamp.com/album/crust-never-sleeps-vol-1">Bent By Elephants - Wrecker in the Dark by Cooling Pie Records</a>


Spencer and I are sitting here and listening to the new Wilco album. It's called "Wilco (The Album", which sort of worried me at first because it sounded a little too cheeky. My fears have been assuaged as of the fourth track "Bull Black Nova". This (Wilco the) album is amazing (so far). The recording seems to harken back a little bit to "A Ghost Is Born" and the songs have the simple feel of "Sky Blue Sky" but unlike the latter, it's good. Oh shit, now Feist is singing. Crap, did I jinx this thing? I don't really want to hear her singing backup on this song, it's pretty awkward. When famous people sing backing vocals, they shoul be BURIED in the mix. She's practically louder then him. I want this song to end. This is some dad rock shit right here. I need to write about something else in order to allow the album to get good again.


- We're gonna be doing some sort of Casiorossi release on June 31st. Get ready for it
- Cas Kaplan from Day Sleeper is currently working on a solo release that we're gonna put out.
- kc quilty is working on something secret.

Stay tuned, we're gonna keep posting awesome stuff up here. Cuz we rock.