<a href="http://marduke.bandcamp.com/album/the-future-has-come-and-gone">Tiny People by Marduke</a>

Fuck man, what's the point of having a lil record label if you can't put your own pet projects out?! Marduke is me, Julian Fader.

According to me a few hours ago:

"These days, there's really no such thing as a "demo" for the home recordist. "Sketches" become "demos" become "actual songs" and one hardly realizes that one has arrived. As it were, all of these are songs that started out as sketches for me. Some of them never got past that, some of them are much more "finished", whatever that means. I'll leave it up to you to figure out which are which; I like them all the same. Calling this a "solo album" would infer that I'm in some sort of popular band that garners enough attention that I would have the oppurtunity to "go solo". I'm not, although I am in kc quilty (www.myspace.com/kcquilty) and we are liable to melt your face off. These are just some songs that I made for myself because recording for me is like yoga or mediation for others. I zoned out, I made these songs, I think some other people might like them. If not, it's okay. They've already served their purpose."

There you have it. I'd love to hear what you have to say. The download is free but if you wanna throw a few dollars my way to keep this site/this music going, I'd be much appreciative.



Spencer | October 6, 2009 at 10:37 AM

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!