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Barry Come Home


My apologies for not uploading this directly, I would but Barack wants it to remain something of a secret. Just remember why you voted for him, if you've forgotten already.

Also, I've got UNC going all the way too.
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"Shut Down" - Beach Boys (1964)

Funny how the Beach Boys got away with cribbing Chuck Berry so blatantly on their early records. Even so, "Shut Down" is just a great song. Check out Mike "Doctor" Love's tenor sax "solo" near the end.

Blow cat, blow!
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You Made Me Realise / KC Quilty in Coney Island

Check this out. It's a clip of My Bloody Valentine doing "You Made Me Realise" on some old TV show.

Last night KC Quilty recorded 3 songs at Ava Luna's basement rehearsal space, out in Coney Island. I think they sound pretty fresh. Check out the MySpace for the latest news and stuff. I think we're playing a Columbia/Barnard thing here in Brooklyn in, like, May.

More importantly, though, as I was rocking some guitar parts, you know, I got thinking about some of my favorite guitar bands from the '90s or whatever, because it seems like it's been a while since I really went back to rediscover some of those key albums, the ones I would always try to copy but never had the chops for.

My Bloody Valentine, Radiohead, Blur, Pavement, Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins – those guys made some records that still kill me they're so good. Isn't Anything, The Bends, Slanted & Enchanted, Siamese Dream. What else is there? Spiderland by Slint is amazing. Ride and Slowdive are also fantastic bands. The Brits pretty much owned the '90s when it came to reinventing the way you could play guitar. The Stone Roses' debut came out in '89, but I think that still counts, too. My friend Shomik keeps telling me The Second Coming is also really good.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that the '90s rule, etc. Also, keep a look out for new songs from KC Quilty and, uhh, maybe keep a little bucket handy. You know... so you can catch the mess when your face melts off.

Oh, and here's my favorite song by Slint:

Nosferatu Man - Slint