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We Can Be Heroes!

Anybody remember Eyes Adrift? They were a shitty band that consisted of Krist Novoselic (of Sweet 75 fame), Bud Gaugh (from Sublime), and Curt Kirkwood (Meat Puppets). Eyes Adrift sucked cock. They sold 1 copy of their album (to me) and broke up. I listened to it and promptly turned around and sold the album to someone for 2 bucks so I could buy two more copies of Cracked Rear View Mirror. Did you know that Hootie sold 16 million copies of that album? What the FUCK? I mean, I knew that there were a lot of those in the used bin next to cracked copies of the first Marcy Playground album, but fuck! I actually have four copies of that album now. I also have three copies of the Godzilla soundtrack, but that's another post. I bought the other two "Cracked..." copies with money I got from selling a friend my ORIGINAL copy of "Cracked..." for SEVEN dollars. After giving him such an awesome deal, I bought two copies of the album to spite him and spent the rest of the money on a burger, which I ate in his face. Anyways, my point: Eyes Adrift blows. Observe:

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Crust Never Sleeps UPDATES

For those of you keeping track out there, there's a little over a month left until the release of Crust Never Sleeps , our inaugural CPR compilation. The list of bands participating has expanded since we last posted about this...as of right now, the participating bands include:

- Little Bear and the Bad Touch
- Day Sleeper
- Jesse Miller
- Bent By Elephants
- Pocketknife
- kc quilty
- A Brief Smile
- Ramona Cordova
- Clayton Scoble
- Asa Van Gumby
- Asa Ransom
- Ava Luna
- Several Girls Galore
- Cas Kaplan
- The Craters
- Randy Numens

If you don't know all of these people already, FUCKING LEARN.

We will be adding bands. Write to us and tell us why YOU should be on the comp. Yeah you chump! Additionally, we're going to have a release party for the album on May 8th at the Bowery Poetry Club...more details are forthcoming. To get quicker updates on the comp, check us on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/coolingpie

That is all.
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More Van Gumby: "Harshin' Up Y'all's Mellow"

This was on the other side of Asa's tape, a song he cut with his brothers for the Van Gumby record, Circus Shots '08-'09, which'll probably be out in late summer.

This is from the attached note:

Over winter my brother Ronnie and I wrote this song to be our first single for Van Gumby. It's called "Harshmallows" or something. Our older brother Dan played the drums on it. I guess it's kind of about fashion cliques and what if there was a gang war between, like, Williamsburg hipsters and the hippies from San Francisco? It's like a love song and a hate song all rolled in one. We're working on a lot of stuff right now, my record and the Gumby record. Mine's more like an acoustic thing with some weird stuff and the one with my bros is like the Gories plus Sonic Youth plus Creedence and, like, O.D.B.


Harshin Up Yalls Mellow - Van Gumby

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New Asa van Gumby: "Teenage Morning"

There was a tape from Asa in this morning's mail. He's currently at work on his first disc for CPR, tentatively titled Meet the W√ľnderkind!. More news as it develops.

Teenage Morning - Asa van Gumby

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Kanye Live: Futuro-epic horror show / Janelle Monae: Cyberbabe 2000

I've talked to a couple of people about this video now. It's from VH1's Storytellers and I guess it's a pretty good approximation of how Kanye's been performing the 808s and Heartbreak stuff on the road. Watch for long enough and you'll catch plenty of fro-hawk, back-up singer in shiny robotech dress, and a shit-ton of stunner shades. The thing I really like about Kanye, I guess, is that he just completely does whatever he feels like.

Oh, and here's this video from Janelle Monae, who I like a lot because her music is weird and thematically obsessed with robotics. Open call to area musicians: I'm trying to write an R&B fantasy epic. Any takers?


We can rebuild it (music).

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Welcome to the Machine: Scenes from the scene, Spring '09

These are some photos of kc quilty making jamz.


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The Private Lives of Food

In case any of you were curious, here's a link to my friend Casey's website. She drew the Pie at the top of your screen and she is super great.

May I recommend everything.

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OMG We're Back in the BK, NCAA Tournament, Coffee, Cigarettes

Got back from a road trip to Chapel Hill today. Beautiful town / school and so, largely for the hell of it, I'm going to go with our president's NCAA Men's Championship prediction on this my first year of paying any attention whatsoever to college basketball. Lawson, Ellington, Hansborough - these guys have serious game.

I didn't really do a bracket, but I'd quite like to see the Heels go up against Syracuse in the next round, since those guys are scrappier than hemmed-in Bushwick rottweilers on the scent of the hipster interloper. Devendorf even kinda looks like one. Or maybe I'm thinking of OU's Blake Griffin? Hmmmm

Also, did anyone else know Obama was left-handed? Is that right, or just a camera thing? More importantly, can you ever trust a lefty?


Getting on with music, though, I've been really into Tom Waits over the last week, so I thought I'd post a clip from off the YouTube. This a full scene from Jim Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes (2003) that I find oddly soothing because it reminds me that no matter how environmentally frustrating New York can be, there will at least be diners with free refills. Iggy Pop and Tom Waits also make a big impression on me for being cool old dudes who aren't fat and complacent.

Muschy Muschy: