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WZBC Stream

CLICK HERE to hear a stream of today's WZBC radio show "The Conscription of Our Children" featuring yours truly. I want to thank Brendan for interviewing me on the show and letting me play a bunch of songs from Crust Never Sleeps (and other places).

I enjoyed being on the radio because I like to hear my own voice in headphones, although I do not like to sing...go figure. I also took some pictures but they're on my disposable camera so I'll post em up in the next few days, for now, the stream will have to suffice. My only regret is not being able to play the comp in its entirety--I had to make due with picking a few randomly. Next time, I'd like to spin it in its entirety.

Let me know what you think--do I have a future in radio(head)?!
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Radio is the FUTURE!

I (Julian) am going to be on WZBC 90.3 this afternoon from 3-5PM. My pal Brendan Hadcock is graciously allowing me to come on his show and guest DJ a little bit. We'll probably chat about the compilation and play some tunes off of it, so tune in!

Honestly, the best case scenario is we get to play Cooling Pie stuff on the air. The worst case scenario is that I make a fool of myself on the air. Regardless, you want to hear what happens. If you're in the Boston/Cambridge/Newton/Brookline area, set your dials for 90.3 FM. If you're elsewhere, head over to WZBC's website and listen to the live stream.

We'll be giving away copies of the compilation on the air to anybody who calls in, so if you want one, you can call me!