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Here at Cooling Pie HQ, we're always brainstorming, racking our brains for the newest, freshest, most brilliant ideas. We usually hit the mark on all three of those things and this is no exception.

One dark evening (last night), in between searching Craigslist for a job, getting drunk, and eating some Kennedy Fried Chicken (the second and third activities always occur together for some reason), Spencer emerged from the Cooling Pie Records Idea Center™ and said something about a doing a Cooling Pie CONSTELLATION. "CONSTELLATION?! That's a horrible idea!" I screamed, doing a quadruple take and spitting out my cranberry-seltzer drink. "How could you say such a thing?" After banishing him back to the Idea Center™ with Six Demerits, I realized that he really meant COMPILATION and not CONSTELLATION. Then I realized we needed one.

So I've since let Spencer back out of his cell and we started asking bands and musicians and artists that we knew and loved to help us out. The main stipulation that we defined was that all songs be recorded specifically for the compilation. We would like to think that all these songs would never exist had we not bothered everyone to make a song for us. If a band couldn't do something specific for the comp, then we would accept something "unreleased", whatever that means these days.

SO FAR, CRUST NEVER SLEEPS is set to feature:

- A Brief Smile (NYC)
- Ramona Cordova (New Orleans/Alaska/Philly/NYC/Outerspace)
- several girls galore (Hastings-on-Hudson/Colorado)
- kc quilty (NYC)
- Orphans and Vandals (London)
- Jesse Miller (Los Angeles)
- Little Bear and the Bad Touch (NYC)
- Clayton Scoble (Cambridge, MA)
- Day Sleeper (Boston)
- Randy Numens (North Pole)
- Ava Luna (NYC/Japan)

You never know who might flake, but I feel pretty confident these people will be represented. There is still room though and we're hoping to pull through on a few nice surprises...some people haven't answered us, some people aren't talking to us, some people make crappy songs and so we didn't ask them. Do you think you should be on here? Are you really awesome? Send us an email @ coolingpierecords [at] gmail.com and tell us why!

CRUST NEVER SLEEPS will be released digitally for streaming and download on this site sometime in the next few months--let's say, March. Additionally, we will probably do some sort of homemade physical release and possibly even a 7" BEST OF. Kinda like that Nirvana/Radiohead/Other-bands-who's-backcatalogs-are-being-raped Best of the Box Set type of idea, except those are big label money making scam and this is a small label money losing scam. Take that Krist Novoselic!