Cooling Pie Records: An Adoption Agency or a Record Label?

The Kaplan family dynasty contiues with Cas Kaplan, brother of Wes Kaplan (of Craters fame). Cas' band is called Day Sleeper and we're glad to welcome them into the Cooling Pie family. And yes, now that they are part of the family, it means that Spencer and I are Day Sleeper's new parents. Make sure you guys do your chores or I'll take away your drum machine! Huzzah!

On a more serious note, Drop Your Sword will go up on this blawg on January 10th. Coincidenally, Day Sleeper's gonna be playing a show with some friends at the Middle East upstairs the same day to celebrate the release. The show starts at the rock and roll hour of ONE PEE EM (1 PM) so come celebrate lunchtime with Day Sleeper!

In the meantime, go check out Day Sleeper's myspace page and get excited about the FUTURE.