Brit Rock!

The Jesus & Mary Chain (with Hope Sandoval): "Sometimes Always" (Live on MTV)

I remember absentmindedly telling this girl I once dated that the thing I loved most about The Jesus & Mary Chain was their consistency. Thinking back to that time, I really have no idea what the fuck I was talking about.

I do love this song, though.

Blur: Chemical World (Live on TV)

Coxon is God. He also stops the song wayyyyyy early because he's wasted or something.

Teenage Fanclub: "The Concept" (Music Video)

This song, when I first heard it a few months ago, instantly transported me to 1992-3. That's a trip I like to take.

The La's: "There She Goes" (Live on Letterman)

Paul Schaffer plays some tambo on this shit. I once saw that dude perform at Carnegie Hall for this jazz piano series sponsored by, like, the 1,000th anniversary of Steinway & Sons or something. Dude is McLAME!

Stone Roses: "Elephant Stone"

This is far and away my favorite song on the Stone Roses eponymous debut. I enjoy how obsessed with themselves they are on this record. The first track is called "I Wanna Be Adored." If memory serves, there are at least two songs that mention the word "Stone" (this one and "Made of Stone"), and the final track is called "I Am the Resurrection."

British Sea Power: "Carrion" (Live on Jools Holland)

The shit!

Okay, bye.