From the ashes of A Brief Smile: Sea Monster

If you're one of the two people who worships CPR as the demigods that we are, you're familiar with the recently defunct A Brief Smile. A Brief Smile melted faces in New York from 2004 through 2009 but eventually, the rock lifestyle takes it's toll. Things need to change, right? You can only bang so many groupies and blow so many lines of pure crushed gold before it gets tiring. So A Brief Smile had to die. But it's okay because that means that there will probably be two or three awesome bands where before there was only one.

We already showed you what super-multi-instrumentalist-with-a-7-octave-voice/drummer Louie Glaser has been up to under his moniker Thank You Music. Now we present Sea Monster.

Sea Monster is (so far) Jared (keyboardist-who-had-like-10-different-octave-pedals) and DL (Jason-Schwartzman-doppleganger/asian-dude-from-thrice-doppleganger). Considering the fact that Cooling Pie's top secret headquarters are a mere 10 feet from Sea Monster's, we've heard surprisingly little about how these songs came about. What we can tell you is that the three songs DL and Jared recently released for free on Bandcamp are fully realized and, honestly, they sound fucking great.

For lack of a better way to put this, here's the equation we came up with for Sea Monster:

(Mellon-Collie-Era-Pumpkins) + (Strokes - Douchebaggery) / Beatles Rock Band

Does that work? Whatever, we'll shut the fuck up. Just listen to our favorite tune, Captain Trips: