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Jesus Christ, Pitchfork just redesigned their main page and it is fuuuuggglyyy. Fuck, how come there's a big ad that eats up the ENTIRE front of the page? It also looks like Opera which looks like balls*. It updates Pitchfork's design to this decade for sure; it reminds me of the new Wal-Mart logo and the new Stop n Shop logo. I dislike the way that everything is trying to look like its designed by Apple now. Everything's white with shades of gray which is a cleaner look but it lacks in character. I actually stopped reading Silent Uproar over a similar qualm so we'll see if Pitchfork survives the great update of 09.

Oh I got a video of kc quilty playing a new song called "Supernova" from the other night. The sound sucks but that's because it's being broadcast DIRECT FROM THE 90s! WOOO!

Watch live video from Goodbye Blue Monday on


*Disclaimer: I love Opera a lot, despite its ugliness and many deficiencies. It's like a retarded little brother that I feel bad for and thus keep around.