My First Entry

Cooling Pie Records welcomes Justin Spees. Justin Spees welcomes Cooling Pie Records. I already gave a shout out to Cooling Pie on my blog. It's right here, and you should probably read it.

Julian stipulates that I be funny, so I will try. Mostly I think I'll just comment on posts that have been put up, or on things that Julian and Spencer do in their spare time that deserve eternal record. Does anybody else even read this? Sarah? Yeah I'll write about her too. And Pitchfork's new layout, which I do agree is sad and stupid, but they've made prominent again their list of the best singles between 2000 and 2004, which I've been looking for for some time. I think number one is "Hey Ya," which means they're very boring people. It's also vaguely insane to make a best of the decade so far. So just fuck Pitchfork. We'll try to get reviews up on Cooling Pie so the transition into making this the first site you check will be smooth.

Enjoy your day.