I thought White Rabbits and I were chums. I lovingly reviewed their debut album for MIT's The Tech before it came out in '07, likening it to The Strokes and The Specials and claiming it was better than if "half of the Beatles come back from the dead, reunite with McCartney and Starr and then team up with Radiohead to release a double-disc concept album." That was maybe a wee bit far-fetched* but it did inspire several of their parents to frame my review and hang it on their walls, and also send me e-mails about how grateful they were to me, blah blah blah. I went on to interview Stephen Patterson, the band's keyboardist and singer, and feel overall responsible for the band's success, popularity, talent, and birth.

A few weeks ago I e-mail them asking to play this festival I was organizing, and was sort of snubbed by their booking agent. WTF! Then out of nowhere they release this awesome new single "Percussion Gun" that sounds incredibly like labelmates Radiohead. WTF! Really, WTF, White Rabbits? Did I give you permission to get so damn good? Remember: I made you, and I can just as easily break you.