Randy Numens vs. Lucas & The Cops

is this randy numens?

So we should probably address what occured the other night at the Randy Numens show that nearly occured at Potluck House.

Let me first preface this by stating that the people that run Potluck House are amazing and wonderful people for attempting to put on a show in a space that was far too small. Additionally, they opened up their home at the last second to take on a show that was originally intended to occur in a MUCH larger space. Kudos to them for even trying.

The Numens' boat arrived at Pier 86 at around 9 PM and Spencer and I quickly ferried them to the show in the CPR armored vehicle, along with all of their amps, drums, drum hardware, etcetera. Upon arriving at Potluck House, we were dismayed to find that Lucas, the drummer for openers Hello Boss had also brought all of his drum gear to and insisted on dragging it up into the size-too-small Potluck House performance space. We agreed to let him keep his shit upstairs if he would just keep it out of the way...so as the tiny room filled with smelly musicians carting boxes of gear around, the little guy dragged half of his crap into the tiny room. Lucas then insisted on putting his hot pink drum rug under the Numens' kit, so everything was moved around and replaced on his rug. Luckily, the Numens weren't privy to this because they were busy placing a collect call to the ISS Space Station and then were further occupied with freebasing cocaine off of a rusty spork.

the little fucker himself

At this point, the show organizers and I were both stressed but not out of control. A lot of times, when you've got a bunch of bands playing, at least one person is a a bit overly neurotic (see: controlling douchebag) but usually, things tend to go off alright. Despite various protestations, he insisted on using not two or even three but four cymbals in a room that barely had room for even a bass drum.

Hello Boss played an enjoyable set considering the room and sound limitations but directly afterwards, Lucas decided that he was taking off. This is a classic asshole musician move and of course, he told me he planned to take his rug and his drum throne (which admittedly nobody asked to borrow) and his rack tom (which he had assured us could be used by other bands). Lucas additionally took two of the Randy Numens' cymbal stands in his hurry to get out of the venue. The Numens were prepared to let this go but I made sure to give Lucas a piece of my mind before he left (and you can too! IM him @ chosungalbi). He later accused me of calling him names and physically attacking him, which is ridiculous because I'm a 3 foot midget with one leg.

So let's just say if you're ever playing a show with a band called Hello Boss, watch your gear carefully because Lucas Berman wants your equipment even though he's apparently loaded according to his bandmates--who for the record are some of the nicest people imaginable. I mean them no harm with this post, it's just that they really need a new drummer. Guys, if you're reading, I will gladly take Lucas' place.

Oh and by the way, the Randy Numens never even got to play. The cops showed up and shut the show down just as they were going on. Pretty shitty night.