Waltzin' On Kurdt

There is a kc quilty show of sorts tomorrow night. It is in the basement of st paul’s chapel at columbia. it will be an unplugged set, and we are just as weirded out by that as you all are. The last time kc quilty played an acoustic set was in summer 2007 at an Italian bistro and we were paid in spaghetti dinner. the time before that was at Pyramid Club and a member got sent to rehab the next day. Who knows what will result from the third in the trilogy?

from postcrypt’s website:

Join Postcrypt Art Gallery for our last art show of the year! FREE WINE & FOOD (2 IDs to drink)
Live music by:

ñaka ñaka
kc quilty (http://www.myspace.com/kcquilty)
Some Candy (http://www.myspace.com/somecandy)

Live models by Artist Society // Interactive art by you and yer brain

Take the 1 to 116th st. and then start askin' where St. Paul's is. Seriously. If you're meant to go, you will arrive. It's in the basement. Lamaste.

Or as Todd P would put it:


Friday April 24th @ POSTCRYPT

:: ñaka ñaka
:::: kc quilty
:::::::: some candy
:::::::::: SUPER SECRET GUEST!!!!!!!!!
:::::::::::: Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour ----> (feat. mems Yardbirds)



Below lies a preview of what you are in for if you go to the show. David Carradine is at the show. Chris/Krist Novoselic is at the show. LaDainian Tomlinson is at the show.

DOWNLOAD: kc quilty - smells like teen spirit (waltzin' on kurdt)