Well I'm sold. Everyone make sure to get out and vote today, specifically for Jimmy McMillan. Jimmy has been running for mayor since at least the 90s on the platform of keeping rent down. Here's the platform:

New Political Party

We Built a "NEW" Political Party in the Largest City in the World, New York City, and we spent and raised no money. (NOW! Can We Get Some Respect) Send us an invitation to your event so that we can tell you WHY, and HOW we did it.

The RENT Is Too Damn High Party is the fastest growing Political Party in History.

General Elections, November 8, 2005. 1, 2, and 3 was on Television. If the (RITDH) party could have gotten on one of the Televised Mayoral Debates. New York City would have a New Mayor. The Rent Is Too Damn High Party came in (4th) Forth overall.

1) Republican

2) Democrat

3) Conservative

4) The RENT Is Too Damn High Party (RITDH)

5) Socialist Workers

6) Education Party

7) Libertarian Party

8) Green Party

Now Can We Get Some Respect. We Are Coming In 2009 To Win It All.

And here's his official song