Here we go...after a ton of work, we present you with the tracklisting of Cooling Pie's inaugural compilation album Crust Never Sleeps Vol. 1. Securing all of the bands and songs has been a labor of love and it turned into a truly international affair. We're also very excited for the release party on May 8th @ the Bowery Poetry Club (Details here!)

Anyways, feast yr eyes on the songs:

1. Bent By Elephants - Wrecker In The Dark
2. A Brief Smile - Something Is Going On
3. Little Bear and the Bad Touch - Polytonic Mountain
4. Clayton Scoble (of Francine) - Crooked Gait
5. Orphans and Vandals - Hey Driver
6. Day Sleeper - Untitled
7. Casiorossi - More Psychology
8. kc quilty - Supernova
9. Pocketknife - Buy Back The Boat
10. Ava Luna - (Do Me No Wrong) While I Am Gone
11. Jesse Miller (frmrly of Critter Jones) - Democracity
12. Team Teamwork - Suck It Or Not (Cam'ron + Lil Wayne + Wilco)
13. Jason Boyd (frmrly of Audiovent) - Lemons For Love
14. Several Girls Galore - Good & Beautiful
15. Randy Numens - Koilsnake

This is liable to change slightly in the next few days, but this is pretty much how the compilation will look. Check back here on May 8th to download/stream it for FREE. We also have a limited amount of CD copies of the compilation that are free, please email us if you'd like a free copy.