Quack Quack Quack! I Got Da Ball!

He stayed in the game after. The NBA used to be ridiculous, in a good way. Now it's usually ridiculous in a bad way. Remember when Artest went into the stands?

Artest is a funny guy. We all remember the time when he pulled down Pierce's pants in a game while with the Pacers. It didn't work, because Pierce continued on with the play and drained a three over Artest. But I came across this awesomeness, which is after the replay (about 45 seconds in). Artest wrote a little song to apologize to Pierce.

<3 Artest

Edit: Here's a Cedric Maxwell rap compilation. It will help explain the title. I know it's really annoying but there is a lack of Maxwell broadcasting videos on Youtube, though there are plenty of highlight reels.