TTH Label: I Am Entertained

As a co-founder of Cooling Pie, I make sure to keep abreast on other online record labels that are doing similar things.  I've got pals who run Tamur Records and Amazing Wow but by far my favorite online record label (besides CPR of course) is the omnipotent TTH Label.

I am using the <> tag in honor of TTH Label because their site is straight outta 1998.  Their understanding of selling music on the internet music industry appears to be stuck around the same time, while their understanding of the English language seems stuck back in whatever year English was invented.  Observe:

We are the first company to combine a cd duplication company with an indie music store. The artist can only benefit from this, as it virtually eliminates upfront costs to sell cds online. Pay nothing to start, a rate is taken out after each cd is produced and sold. This is the same rate other stores charge just to sell a cd, and they didn't make it

Why would they do this?  As a fan of CDs, I have to say, I'm not sure that this focus on CDs that TTH has makes much sense in 2009.  Couldn't they work on selling just MP3s and have a greater profit margin?  Couldn't they work on having a website that's not confusing as hell?  And yet, the labrynthian website is actually the most entertaining site I've read tonight.  It continues:

We provide a website free of annoying 3rd party advertisements. Personally those flashy advertisements are just downright annoying to us.

Again, go look at the site.  Not an ad to be found.  Also, the entire site is flashy (for 1998) and annoying.

The site is entertaining but the best thing about TTH is that whoever the hell is in charge likes to seek out TTH naysayers in order to silence them.  Check it out:

You all are a bunch of ignorent morons that need to smarten the hell up.

None the less Culture of greed don't go trying to slander my name because you couldn't follow instructions, I can 110% prove your post up there is a bunch of bullshit.

You want some cheese with that wine? Do you? You didn't like it because you were unable to read the english language, go back to school and then try again, out of 1017 people you're the only idiot that had to start problems because you couldn't follow instructions.

And the rest of you idiots, you are so quick to talk shit without knowing what the hell you are talking about. What i'm doing is praised by thousands, if I started posting the compliments I've received from artists I'd max your sql space out on your database.

By the way culture, I knew you'd do something like this, go stick your cds into a cd player than can read cd text and tell me what it says?

Who's laughing now?

This is the owner of a label.  In a public forum.  I'm hoping he reads this and spams us and we can ride his coattails to fame.  Come get some TTH!!