Crust Never Sleeps UPDATES

For those of you keeping track out there, there's a little over a month left until the release of Crust Never Sleeps , our inaugural CPR compilation. The list of bands participating has expanded since we last posted about of right now, the participating bands include:

- Little Bear and the Bad Touch
- Day Sleeper
- Jesse Miller
- Bent By Elephants
- Pocketknife
- kc quilty
- A Brief Smile
- Ramona Cordova
- Clayton Scoble
- Asa Van Gumby
- Asa Ransom
- Ava Luna
- Several Girls Galore
- Cas Kaplan
- The Craters
- Randy Numens

If you don't know all of these people already, FUCKING LEARN.

We will be adding bands. Write to us and tell us why YOU should be on the comp. Yeah you chump! Additionally, we're going to have a release party for the album on May 8th at the Bowery Poetry Club...more details are forthcoming. To get quicker updates on the comp, check us on twitter at

That is all.


Spencer | March 26, 2009 at 12:10 AM

Yes! Music is awesome.