OMG We're Back in the BK, NCAA Tournament, Coffee, Cigarettes

Got back from a road trip to Chapel Hill today. Beautiful town / school and so, largely for the hell of it, I'm going to go with our president's NCAA Men's Championship prediction on this my first year of paying any attention whatsoever to college basketball. Lawson, Ellington, Hansborough - these guys have serious game.

I didn't really do a bracket, but I'd quite like to see the Heels go up against Syracuse in the next round, since those guys are scrappier than hemmed-in Bushwick rottweilers on the scent of the hipster interloper. Devendorf even kinda looks like one. Or maybe I'm thinking of OU's Blake Griffin? Hmmmm

Also, did anyone else know Obama was left-handed? Is that right, or just a camera thing? More importantly, can you ever trust a lefty?


Getting on with music, though, I've been really into Tom Waits over the last week, so I thought I'd post a clip from off the YouTube. This a full scene from Jim Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes (2003) that I find oddly soothing because it reminds me that no matter how environmentally frustrating New York can be, there will at least be diners with free refills. Iggy Pop and Tom Waits also make a big impression on me for being cool old dudes who aren't fat and complacent.

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Justin | April 1, 2009 at 11:12 PM

That is the second best scene in that movie. The first best is the one with RZA, GZA, and Bill Murray. The rest of the movie pretty much sucks. I think all of it's on youtube.