We Can Be Heroes!

Anybody remember Eyes Adrift? They were a shitty band that consisted of Krist Novoselic (of Sweet 75 fame), Bud Gaugh (from Sublime), and Curt Kirkwood (Meat Puppets). Eyes Adrift sucked cock. They sold 1 copy of their album (to me) and broke up. I listened to it and promptly turned around and sold the album to someone for 2 bucks so I could buy two more copies of Cracked Rear View Mirror. Did you know that Hootie sold 16 million copies of that album? What the FUCK? I mean, I knew that there were a lot of those in the used bin next to cracked copies of the first Marcy Playground album, but fuck! I actually have four copies of that album now. I also have three copies of the Godzilla soundtrack, but that's another post. I bought the other two "Cracked..." copies with money I got from selling a friend my ORIGINAL copy of "Cracked..." for SEVEN dollars. After giving him such an awesome deal, I bought two copies of the album to spite him and spent the rest of the money on a burger, which I ate in his face. Anyways, my point: Eyes Adrift blows. Observe: