More Van Gumby: "Harshin' Up Y'all's Mellow"

This was on the other side of Asa's tape, a song he cut with his brothers for the Van Gumby record, Circus Shots '08-'09, which'll probably be out in late summer.

This is from the attached note:

Over winter my brother Ronnie and I wrote this song to be our first single for Van Gumby. It's called "Harshmallows" or something. Our older brother Dan played the drums on it. I guess it's kind of about fashion cliques and what if there was a gang war between, like, Williamsburg hipsters and the hippies from San Francisco? It's like a love song and a hate song all rolled in one. We're working on a lot of stuff right now, my record and the Gumby record. Mine's more like an acoustic thing with some weird stuff and the one with my bros is like the Gories plus Sonic Youth plus Creedence and, like, O.D.B.


Harshin Up Yalls Mellow - Van Gumby